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Best Sony Gaming Headphones Review 2018 - KBTricks

Gaming headphones have its own place in the world of computer games. Video games are pretty awesome today with the advancement in tech games are now in the next level.

Amazing graphics with splendid characters and amazing nice voice overs. A true gamer can agree on the fact that game without booming playback sound is like a meal without salt. Well, guys, I am gonna share my own experience of using gaming headphone for the sake of provision of knowledge.

I was so much surprise when I first time uses Sony Gaming Headphones. Though I used headphones of different brands available in the market. But this one really compelled me to write a review on it.

Sony Gaming Headphones Review | Smart Listening by adaptive

I have never experienced such an amazing gadget. I am a passionate gamer and always looking for awesome stuff in the market to experience it. I have experienced many varieties and brands like Turtle Beach EarForce Z22 Gaming Headset and played tomb raider with this one. But I would now definitely prefer Sony in the case of headphones. The Most comfortable gaming headset I ever used, yes, I am talking about Sony gaming headphones.

All Though I did not purchase these gaming phones for a specific purpose like games, or for specific devices like Xbox gaming headset or gaming headphones for PS4. I was even not aware of its worth when I was picking it up. I was in search of a worthy headset that I would be able to use multipurpose. I also have one of the best Bluetooth headphones named as Bose QC 35, one of my best buddies of all time.


If you are used to having fun of cheap gaming headphones then I suggest you do not read this post, as it is for money guys who really want a spectacular gadget to experience. I played God of War with this gaming headphones and it was an amazing experience I ever had with headphones.

Fantastic Features that inspire your hearing


Whether you are on the move and in a rushing place, set in a recreational place with a quiet environment, walking through a crowd in street it would automatically detect the voice/sound conditions and adjust the sound for your hearing.

You would have a balancing stereo playback sound with smart digital destructions and noise cancellation. Such a wonderful best pc gaming headphones, also allow you to connect with all Bluetooth devices you have. You have also the liberty to adjust the playback sound according to your own preferences.

Now you do not need to put it off or remove from ears to talk to someone. Yea, just place your hand on the right side of your headphone and it will lower the volume to allow you to speak and hear with quick attention mode. It has touch control capacity to control the sound volume.
Well, it’s not all here!

The Sony Bluetooth gaming headset you ever experienced, now change your track by the touching controls. Download the Android or iOS app to use Smart Listening by Smart Auto-settings, control your ambient sound settings and adjust the sound levels with the Equalizer.

Some of the Specs of these beautifully designed gaming headphones


Get 30 hours long rechargeable battery life to hear the sound nonstop and 10min quick charging for 70min of play.  You would have own recharging adapter for the airplane.

You would haveIndustry-leading NC technology installed on it for removing the destruction and noise cancellation on it. You can also call it wireless headphones for PC.

Gaming headset WH-1000XM2 with adaptive control with Sony I headphones app. The frequency response is 4 Hz-40,000 Hz and detects and adjusts sound automatically according to your environment.

Here is the real catch!!

These are Optimized for the Google Assistant with updates. Ask it questions to answer it and tell it to do things. It’s your own personal Google, always ready to help through your voice recognition.

Final Verdict

Gamers choice in a multipurpose device. It is an outstanding performer in the playback soundtracks. For gaming purposes, you would find it an amazing one. If you are doing work out, yea, enjoy the feel of hearing your tracks with this headset. If you are traveling and been through a busy airport, no need to worry about the noise, it would auto-adjust everything to provide you a soft sound. It’s almost like The turtle beach EartForce Z22 gaming headset with some minor differences. I would recommend it to the money guys, or it depends on your budget. If you do not have any issue with the affordability this must be your choice.

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Best Sony Gaming Headphones Review 2018 - KBTricks
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